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Plant extracts
WEIBIN is one of Chinese largest and the world leading manufacturer and supplier of pure natural plant extracts for use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food and beverage industries.   Bridging the gap between the complex needs of the consumer and the true power of untouched nature, WEIBIN's offering respects the integrity of native botany responsibly, ethically and while maintaining exceptional standards of quality, service and delivery.
Plant extracts
  • API
    WEIBIN manufactures a wide range of generic active substances are supplied to the pharmaceutical industry globally. Due to its flexible manufacturing structure the API quantities supplied by WEIBIN range from few kg´s to several hundred tons of individual API´s. ​
  • Fine chemical industry
    Fine chemical industry
    Major pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dietary supplement, and other companies have long relied on WEIBIN to supply the materials science expertise necessary to take their products from small clinical trials to large-scale commercial manufacturing. WEIBIN provides the vital building blocks for a range of products from regulatory starting materials to advanced intermediates, along with customized product development, project management, and scale-up capabilities. ​
  • Pharmaceutical excipients
    Pharmaceutical excipients
    WEIBIN endeavours to always develop and improve at their technological development research lab to provide all kinds of additives that respond to diverse needs. In addition, based on the pharmaceutical production technology that we have cultivated over many years, we offer functional food raw materials for the health food field and independently develop food quality preservation agents to ensure safe eating habits.
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